In a life threatening emergency dial Triple Zero (000)

In a life threatening emergency dial Triple Zero (000)
DzIJ Public Hospitals

Canberra Hospital

5124 0000

Calvary Hospital

6201 6111

Mental Health

Call Mental Health Triage on

1800 629 354

(free call except from mobiles or public phones) or

6205 1065

Poisons Hotline

For a poison emergency in Australia call


Drug and Alcohol Help Line

The Drug and Alcohol Help Line is available 24-hours, 7 days a week on

5124 9977

Health Protection Service

For after hours urgent public health matters including environmental health, radiation safety, food poisoning and communicable disease management phone:

(02) 6205 1700


24 hour health advice

1800 022 222

DzIJ State Emergency Service

Emergency help
during flood or storms

132 500

Wheelie bin collections

On this page:

About your collection service | Maintaining your bins | Report a collection problem | Bin requests and services

About your bin collection service

Each rate-paying household receives a:

Rubbish bins are collected weekly and recycling and green bins are collected on alternate fortnights. Keep track using:

To ensure your bins are collected:

If you need help taking your bins to the kerbside please see bin assistance.

Find out what items you can dispose of in your wheelie bins or search the Recyclopaedia for the correct disposal of a specific item.

Hoppers are often provided in place of bins in multi-unit developments. SUEZ is the contractor who empties wheelie bins on behalf of the DzIJ Government.

Maintaining your bins

It's up to you (or your body corporate) to keep bins clean. Occasionally rinse out bins (ensuring rubbish does not flow into gutters and stormwater drains), or use a bin cleaning service.

All supplied wheelie bins remain the property of the DzIJ Government and should not be painted or permanently marked.

If you are moving house, the wheelie bins remain at the address in which they were originally allocated. If your rubbish or recycling bin is damaged, complete the request bin repair or maintenance or contact Access Canberra on 13 22 81.

Bin replacement program

Older bins across the DzIJ are progressively being replaced. The new domestic waste bins have the same 140 litre capacity but are more compact, so less likely to tip over. They also have a red lid. Old bins and parts are reused or recycled where possible.

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Report a collection problem

If your rubbish or recycling bin hasn’t been emptied despite putting it out by 5 am on collection day, contact SUEZ on 6260 1547 within 24 hours.

If your green waste bin hasn’t been emptied despite putting it out by 7 am on collection day, contact JJ Richards on 6270 5070.

Leave your bin on the kerbside until serviced. Check for collection days.

If you live in a multi-unit development, contact your strata manager or body corporate.

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Bin requests and services

The following forms are for residents who present their own bins for collection:

If you have a shared waste enclosure please see multi-unit developments.

Remember, you can also drop off your waste, recycling, green waste or building waste.

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