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About the Rehabilitation clinic "Staykov and Family"

About the Rehabilitation clinic "Staykov and Family"


About Rehabilitation clinic "Staykov and family"

The clinic has highly qualified medical specialists-doctors in physical and rehabilitation medicine, internal diseases, neurology, cardiology, rheumatology and nephrology, pediatrics, juvenile cardiology, excellent proficient kinesiotherapists, rehabilitators, medical nurses, and auxiliary medical and non-medical personnel.

The purpose is to ensure easily accessible and maximum quality medical care in the field of physical and rehabilitation medicine subject to compliance with the rules of good medical practices and observance with the patients’ rights.

For all patients of SRC “Staykov and family” EOOD we will ensure accessibility, fare and just attitude, equal rights, timely and top quality medical aid at the clinic.

The clinic has a guaranteed 24-hour service medical team.

This medical facility is subject to periodical procedure of accreditation, focused on providing high quality medical services, assessment of its main capabilities to provide training for university students and special courses for post graduates, achieving improved results and providing information for medical professionals and the public.

Via an Ordinance issued by the Minister of Health, SRC “Staykov and family” EOOD have been awarded the highest accreditation assessment - EXCELLENT, for a validity period of 5 (five) years.

The medical facility has the following units:

Reception and consulting rooms for internal diseases, cardiology, rheumatology, neurology, physical and rehabilitation medicine, and nephrology;

Unit for functional diagnostics for cardiovascular diseases - Echography, Echocardiography, with capabilities for color Doppler diagnostics;

Unit for physical therapy and rehabilitation, with divisions for all main and the majority of specific areas of physical and rehabilitation medicine;

Unit for all main areas of physical and rehabilitation medicine;

a) Unit for electric and light therapy – The unit for electric diagnostics has been equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that enables determination of the extent of disorders for the neuromuscular system and detain of rehabilitation parameters.

b) Unit of kinesitherapy – kinesitherapy is performed in two rooms provided with dedicated equipment for healing gymnastics. Procedures include remedial gymnastics, both individual and in groups, partial and full body massage, terrain therapy.

The unit of mechanotherapy has been provided with modern devices as continuation of healing exercise, to influence separate parts of the locomotory system in chronic stages of disease.

c) The unit of thermal therapy – application of natural physical factor - lye, cryotherapy, thermal salts, sauna;

d) Unit of aerosol therapy

Units for specific areas of physical and rehabilitation medicine (PRM):

a) Unit of functional examination - the full scope of functional examinations in the field of PRM –provided with devices for anglemetry, centimetry, dynamometry, special coupons for findings, medical weigh scales with height meter, mirrors, etc.

b) Laser therapy

c) Hydro therapy – a new division of the activity of the clinic, provided with state-of-the-art bath tubs, general and local type;

d) Special methods of treatment – vacuum therapy and vacuum massage, pressotherapy, and lymph drainage, automated massage and rehabilitation bed;

Inpatient Facility:

Each hospital room with two beds, TV set and cable TV, air-conditioner, individual bathroom and shower, and a balcony.

The clinic has a cozy and convenient lobby, Internet room and a lobby bar with a summer garden offering energy drinks.

In the summer season, the outdoor pool is available for use.

For the convenience of patients driving in with their own cars, a parking lot for 22 vehicles has been provided.

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